Best Boat Shows Around the World

Best Boat Shows Around The World

A boat show is an exhibition of new boats in a specific location.

This is a must-attend event for yacht lovers and boat owners, as they get to marvel at an expansive display of boats and buy the latest vessel or two from the incredible collection.

Here is a list of all the main boat shows from around the globe:

If you’d like to see a graphical breakdown of best boat shows, we got you covered:

Boat Shows

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1. The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

Simply referred to as the FLIBS, the boat exhibition is considered to be the largest boat show in the world.

It stretches over 68 acres and is held in seven locations! Mainly hosted in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the boat show features a luxurious display of the best and newest yachts and exotic cars.

The FLIBS puts out approximately 1500 boats which are claimed to be worth a whopping $5 billion (or more!).

This mesmerizing boat show attracts a global audience of approximately 100,000 attendees every year.

People, from all walks of life, flock to this show – held once in a year – with great enthusiasm, sharing a common love for boats and an interest in life on the water.

2. Atlanta Boat Show

Atlanta Boat Show

This boat show takes place in Atlanta, United States and is organized at Georgia World Congress Center on the street 285 Andrew Young International Blvd.

The Atlanta Boat Show is usually held in January and features a display of different types of boats – houseboats, pontoon boats, deck boats, and fishing boats, among others.

Other than these new and branded boats, the show also boasts the latest models of luxury yachts. Many dealers offer vessels at a lower price range.

This makes this boat show a great value for money, especially for boat owners that may be looking for excellent yet budget-friendly vessels.

3. Moscow Boat Show

Moscow Boat Show

The Moscow Boat Show is a one-of-its-kind trade fair, held every year in Russia. The magnificent boat show receives thousands of visitors, including yachting and boating enthusiasts, water sports professionals, and yachting businessmen.

The project includes a display of large numbers of electric boats, offshore boats, fishing vessels, workboats, helicopters, naval ships, construction vessels, motor yachts, sail yachts, and diving clothes and accessories.

Other than getting to admire the new water sports vehicles, visitors can also consult highly-qualified specialists. The show also hosts lectures and seminars related to water sports.

4. Dubai International Boat Show

Dubai International Boat Show

This is a must-visit boat show for buyers looking to make a luxurious purchase, or exhibitors wanting to connect with new customers.

This maritime event is a great way to explore the finest crafts of the world. Visitors get an opportunity to marvel at new boat designs and technology, worth investing in. 

The Dubai International Boat Show is the premier location to meet other likeminded people and to see the latest inventions from the world’s leading boat builders such as Amels, Heesen, CRN, Oceanco, Feadship, Baglietto, and many more.

For instance, last year’s show featured high-tech inventions such as ocean scooters, electric surfboards, underwater drones, and personal subs.

This boat show also gives guests an opportunity to rub shoulders with highly influential businesspeope and yacht/boat owners.

5. Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show

Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show

The Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show takes place on the Gold Coast of Australia every year. It sports a lovely display of spectacular boats, trawlers, yachts, kayaks, etc.

The event is packed with splendor and power, and goes on for four days in the same location.  Other than getting to view a show of luxury, visitors are also wined and dined five-star style.

The show is held at a massive scale, launching the latest boats and ocean products and attracting masses from across the world.

It’s where people get a chance to come together, socialize, and foster relationships that help grow their businesses. The beauty of the SCIBS is that it keeps evolving with the ever-so changing marine industry and never ceases to impress its visitors.

Plus, the glorious location and pleasant climate make the event worth coming back to every year.

6. Monaco Yacht Show

Monaco Yacht Show

The Monaco Yacht Show, simply called the MYS, is an annual boat show in Monaco.

Held by Informa, the British events and public publishing company, this trade show is presented in Port Hercules – a gorgeous deep-water port in Monaco. The yacht show is claimed to be the biggest yacht display in entire Europe.

Initially launched in 1991, the MYS features all types of new and classic boats and yachts. More than 580 exhibitors, yacht designers, luxury automobile brands, and even several brokerage companies participate in the show with full fervor and enthusiasm.

The event is famous for displaying some of the world’s most renowned yachts including the ROCK.IT, Illusion 1, Infinity, Thumper, O’Mega, Legend, Jubilee, and Project Sunrise.

7. Singapore Yacht Show

Singapore Yacht Show

The Singapore Yacht Show has become Asia’s biggest premier boat and yacht show. It has played a significant role in influencing and strengthening the fast-growing ASEAN luxury lifestyle.

The famous yacht show is presented at ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove, Singapore, and provides exhibitors with a top-class platform to showcases their finest yachts, boats, and all things yachting and rafting.

This premium event delivers a four-day show, promoting the luxurious yachting lifestyle. But what’s great is that it offers both exhibitors and spectators with a plethora of interactive activities to indulge in, including gala dinners, boat demonstrations, and fabulous parties.

There’s always a great buzz to the show that leads to an unforgettable experience for all who participate and attend.

8. Mediterranean Yacht Show

Mediterranean Yacht Show

This yacht show is held every year in Nafplion, Greece by the eminent Greek Yachting Association. The Mediterranean Yacht Show displays over a hundred of the best charter yachts, helmed by yachting professionals from all corners of the world.

The fact that the boat show is attended by hundreds of international brokers from all over the world is what makes this event the biggest in the Eastern Mediterranean.

It is estimated that last year, the MEDYS was attended by over 450 brokers from 31 different countries.

The show goes on for 5 days and attracts a number of visitors to Greece.

However, the show won’t be as big as it is if it weren’t for the kind support of the Hellenic Ministry of Tourism, the Municipality of Nafplion, and the Region of the Peloponnese.

9. Sydney Boat Show

Sydney Boat Show

The Sydney Boat Show holds a spectacular display of unique boats and yachts (in different types and sizes) from qualified builders around the world.

Other than new vessels, the show features water sport accessories and demonstrates pool practices and masterclasses for visitors.

The show is organized at the world-class International Convention Center, Sydney, where and the whole family can join in the fun! The Sydney Boat Show is more than just a premier boat show.

It offers lots of fun activities for children and adults alike to participate in.

Some of these include swimming, fishing, diving, boating, or even just exploring! It also offers many food outlets and beverage bars to visit a relaxed and wholesome experience.

10. Palm Beach International Boat Show

Palm Beach International Boat Show

Palm Beach International Boat Show is one of the largest displays of super yachts in Palm Beach, Florida. It takes place every year in the spring season – which is a beautiful time to visit the town.

The amazing boat show boasts about $1.2 billion worth boats, yachts, and other water luxuries that are a sight to behold.

The sunny weather of the boat event attracts big crowds and lends the show a great vibrancy.

Another most notable feature of the Palm Beach International Boat Show is its dockside indoor club with an open bar and other amenities, giving visitors a VIP experience.

The show holds special events such as the IGFA School of Sportfishing Seminars, Kids Fishing Clinics by Hook the Future, and the Aquazone by Nautical Ventures.

 It also offers an upscale culinary and beverage experience to exhibitors and visitors alike.

From Mexican street tacos to wood-fired pizzas, to juicy burgers and authentic Thai food, there is a wide variety of food items for vegans, vegetarians, and even gluten-free guests.

For beverages, guests can relish in premium wines, fruity cocktails, and fresh and cool beers.


Attending your favorite boat show is a great way to look at (and drool over) some of the finest creations seen in water – the newest boats, yachts, and other impeccable watercrafts.

However, with hundreds and thousands of people visiting such events every year, organizers look forward to ensuring that they get to enjoy a refined and unforgettable experience.

Therefore, many boat shows today are about more than just looking at boats. Visitors and exhibitors can also get to savor tasty food and beverages, and participate in a wide variety of classes and seminars.

If you haven’t been to a boat show yet, make sure you do this year!